Glen Lonan WIND FARM


The construction of a wind farm usually takes between 6 and 18 months. Most of this time is spent preparing the foundations and infrastructure. The erection of each turbine usually takes just one day.

Prior to construction a number of works are undertaken including:

  • geotechnical and archaeological investigations
  • construction of site access points
  • the careful stripping and storage of soils for re-use

Construction may be scheduled to avoid wildlife breeding seasons as appropriate.

Construction traffic

Prior to the commencement of construction, a Traffic Management Plan will be agreed with the Council and the police.  This will set out measures to ensure that public roads are monitored for any damage caused by wind farm traffic and to ensure that if any damage occurs, it is fixed quickly. It will set out agreed safe access points for the wind farm site. It will also identify routes and timings for turbine delivery to ensure that disruption to motorists and local residents is minimised. 

Health & Safety

No member of the public has been injured by turbines at an operational wind farm in the UK.  However, as with many construction projects, especially those requiring work at heights, there is potential for serious accidents to happen during construction. Wind Prospect has an excellent record of health & safety during construction and ensures that robust procedures are adhered to during the construction of every wind farm we construct.

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