Glen Lonan WIND FARM

Facts & figures

Number of turbines 11
Rating of turbines 2 MW
Wind farm size 22 MW
Predicted output 53,962 MWhr p.a.
Average Households supplied 13,003
The capacity factor used in these calculations is 28%.

How the figures are calculated

Predicted Output

capacity of wind farm (MW) x capacity factor
hours per annum (8,760 hours)
predicted output in MW hours per annum (MWhr p.a)

Households Supplied

predicted output
average UK electricity consumption per household per annum*
number of households electricity needs supplied

*Based on a mean annual UK household usage of 4.26MWh per year. Data from DECC’s Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics (DUKES), 2013.


  • MW is the abbreviation of megawatt, a unit of power equal to one million watts

  • ‘Capacity factor’ is the % of the wind farm’s maximum output expected over a year. 100% would mean that the wind turbines were generating their maximum output all the time, a little like driving a car at maximum speed all the time. In reality, the wind is usually blowing and the wind turbines generate electricity most of the time, at a greater or lesser proportion of their maximum possible output.

The figures that appear on this website are estimates calculated using data issued by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) this year. At the date of submitting a planning application, which includes the environmental statement, we use the current figures available.

Within the planning process, an application can take several years before it is submitted. During this time the figures which appear on this website will continue to be updated based on new evidence as it becomes available. The most up to date figures will appear on this website. If DECC has issued updated figures since the date of planning application submission, please note that the two records may not show an exact match due to the reasons given in this statement.

We update the figures that appear on this website annually every October following the DECC publication on onshore wind load factors.

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