Glen Lonan WIND FARM

How we work

Wind Prospect employs a high level of technical expertise and sensitive design to minimise the impact of our wind farms upon the environment. 

Habitat enhancement and species management plans are a regular feature of our developments where land is managed to improve its ecological value by increasing biodiversity or applying species specific measures.

Working with the environment

Wind Prospect has developed numerous wind farms throughout the UK where ecological and recreational enhancements have been developed at the wind farm and in its immediate surroundings.  

This has included habitat creation, erection of bat and bird boxes, provision of linking footpaths, establishment of a recreational enhancement fund, hedge and screening planting, and providing amenity enhancements at a nearby nature reserve.

Trust funds are also established whereby local groups and individuals can access funds that support environmental and educational initiatives in the local area that need not have any direct connection with the wind farm.

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